Wedding Day Gift Idea Pickle?!

Happy morning, friends! I apologize for neglecting my blog once again. I just got back in Columbus from a 2 week hiatus in my hometown, Canton, OH. I'm finally getting settled in, unpacked and unwound from a really emotional time in life. (I needed a few days to unwind! I came home from Canton the first day and basically had a panic attack getting my Dad's motorcycle off of the truck. I hardly ever worry about stuff like that! Jason and I are professionals at removing motorcycles from the truck...and for once in my life, I realized how "on edge" I was. I was shaking like a leaf!)  For those of you who aren't up to date with what happened/what IS happening, please read the blog below this one. It explains in great detail what happened while I was in Canton! 

This blog is based around weddings, gifts and what to get the special people in your life to truly and genuinely show your appreciation. After finding my dress while in Canton with my Mom and being able to come to Columbus and process everything that happened, I realized that I wanted to get members of my family something special for Jason and I's big day.  (This especially hit home after my Dad was taken from us multiple times and Aultman Hospital kept SAVING him...He told me at one point while he was in the hospital that he saw THE light. "Whit, I saw the light. I heard every single person talking, could only see the light and couldn't respond to anything that anyone was saying.") When someone, especially someone you love dearly, tells you something like this, it almost seems surreal. He shared to me that he touched base on the other side of life. He experienced a weird euphoria that most people don't get to come back from. He is HERE for a reason and fought that white light. The nurses at his side saved his could I, or anyone else that loves Bruce so much, EVER repay or thank them for that?! He is truly irreplaceable and I am forever grateful for Bruce Brewer's Heart.

When I woke up this morning (I've been having trouble coming up with ideas for blog posts), I immediately thought of my Dad and what I could get him for my wedding that would be the most meaningful and used gift possible. A pocket watch? A necklace? An engraved hammer? I mean, honestly, just like most men, if they want something, they usually just go out and BUY it. Am I right?! Regardless, found my blog topic! 

Wondering the same thing for your big day?! Look no further! I have about 10 unique gift/thank you ideas for family members on your special day.

1. REGISTRY- Is your Mom/Dad in need of something?! If Mom could go back in time and do her registry all over again, what would she get?! Let them put that one item in your gift registry! Surprise them, they'll love it!

2. WEDDING DAY!- Since you'll be overflowing with gifts, pay it forward and gift a hand-embroidered handkerchief with a personalized message on it. A personalized piece of jewelry is also a great idea too! (Etsy is my best friend for stuff like this!)

3. MOM'S DRESS- Incorporate Mom's dress into your day! Use it to wrap your flower bouquet or add some spice to your shoes! If you're not fond of cutting/altering Mom's dress, display it at your reception or even incorporate your parent's wedding photos into yours.

4. IMAGES- Yes, you read that right. Incorporate "thank you" photos with your groom/bride for your parents. Examples could be: images from your first look with Dad, your last interaction with Mom before walking down the aisle. Creating signs saying "thanks" to your parents! Individual shots of just YOU in your gown, maybe with a sign that says something like "I'll always be your little girl"...Each set of parents and children is different. Choose what you feel will make Mom and Dad the happiest!

5. MUSIC- If you and your spouse aren't sure what your special song will be, ask your parents what theirs was and use it as your first dance jam! If you aren't particularly a fan of this song, use it eventually during your day. They'll remember and it'll mean the world to them!

6. COCKTAILS/FOOD- Incorporate Mom or Dad's favorite beverage or snack! Specific to my situation, my mom LOVES Bloody Mary's. How about a BM bar! Dad loves banana splits, could we make a ice cream bar happen?! This idea is fun especially if the parents didn't get to help pick out food, cake, and beverages!

7. SOMETHING BORROWED- Having issues finding a cake topper? Small details that will tie everything together?! Ask your parents to use their cake topper (if they still have it) and incorporate something borrowed into your day!

8. QT- After getting married, your family might miss you a little bit! (OK, they probably miss you a whole LOT!!) You've spent your whole life with them, learning, loving, playing, etc. Spending quality time as a family (with your new spouse!) can mean a whole lot to your family after the wedding. Staying together means a lot to parents who love you! 

9. FIXER UPPER- After all of the chaos of planning a wedding, your parents have neglected (I'm sure) things at home that they might need help with. Plan a weekend trip to help clean out the gutters, run the blower and mow the grass. These little tasks will show that you truly appreciate them. 

10. HANDWRITTEN- There's nothing better than a handwritten letter. NOTHING! When someone takes time out of their day to write me a "thank you" it means more to me than them thanking me in person, for some reason! A little note goes a long way and they'll cherish it for a lifetime.

Since this gift will probably be the most meaningful gift I'll ever give to him, I want it to make a lasting impression.  Thank goodness I gave myself two years to think about it! When you're a Daddy's girl, you just want everything to be perfect!! Happy Shopping!

As for images this blog post, I've chosen to include photographs that my Dad took while on vacation in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. He was a photographer with my Uncle Tom back in the day, and so a lot of my "photo inspiration" comes from them! These are untouched, completely raw images that are straight off a $40 camera that I gifted to them before they left.