The 614 Get Down

Happy Saturday, all!

I'm just going straight into this blog. No preface.

Yesterday, I got to hang out with my dear friend Dante and his (and now my...) friend Melo. Dante asked me a few weeks ago to photograph him. He is a extremely talented and passionate DJ in the Columbus area. I met Dante at my friend Grace's wedding! Grace and I went to MIDDLE SCHOOL together and both ended up in Columbus! Dante DJ'ed her wedding in Canton and asked me if I could snag a couple of shots for him while photographing the wedding. Of course I said yes.

Ever since the wedding in June, Dante and I have kept in contact regarding art, networking, photography, creatives in our city, and promoting small businesses. We are both trying to get our businesses off the ground and have decided to work closely together to network with our friends, families, strangers, artists, and creatives in order to GROW as artists, humans, creatives and business owners. We feel that we can learn a lot from other creatives. What's working for your business? What's not working?! How do we tweak details just right to attract the right clientele? After brainstorming with Dante and allowing him to share his dream with me, we decided to host an artist/creative/networking party in October. We have met up once a week since to plan and brainstorm. Wanna know what we've got?!


We booked a space. We have booze. We have free chipotle. We're aiming for a food truck. All we need are creatives to fill the space. The whole idea is to provide a physical space for like-minded individuals and small business owners to get together and create a network for themselves. Meet new people. Learn a new trade. Help one another...

If you are interested in what we are doing, add our Facebook page! (( 

I digress...

DANTE! BACK TO DANTE! I mentioned earlier that he asked me to photograph him. We were originally going to capture him at the event, however, he and I realized that we wanted to spend more time focusing on the event, rather than his head shots! I honestly have never photographed a DJ before and so this was a challenge for me that I graciously accepted! First of all, Dante NAILED it. After about 10 minutes, he felt comfortable and you can DEFINITELY tell in his images. We nailed his vision and as his photographer, that makes me the happiest person on Earth! 

Enjoy :)