Moeglings Make a Boy!

Good evening, friends, family...whomever you are!

I am currently writing this blog while there is a lull in the middle of my day. I am hosting a party this evening and have been preparing all day. I figured sitting down and writing would be...almost relaxing, if you will.

I wanted to talk about my friend Justin here, considering he and his wife are featured on today's top-notch blog! Justin and I have known one another for about 17 years. We met while bonding over music (I was 10. Yes, I was that obsessed about music at that age. Thank you, Mom and Dad!!!)  I'm fairly certain he is the only friend that has been in my life on a constant basis for this long! I truly value his friendship. Always have, always will. When his adorable wife, Christina, joined the Moegling family, I realized how she complimented him as an individual. They are good for each other, and you can even see it in their images! I've watched Justin grow into the man he is now and I couldn't be happier to call him my friend. He's got a supportive wife (go ahead, baby girl! TOOT YOUR OWN HORN!), a steady job, a baby on the way AND he's reliable! Congrats to one of my favorite people of all time! You're going to be a great Dad, Justin!...and Christina, you're already glowing! Keep those smiles coming!

Go ahead, slobber over these ones!