Matthew + Kellie | Scioto Audubon Wedding

I'd like to just go ahead and brag about my first wedding of 2017.

Let's just go ahead and go back to 2013 in the always beautiful city, Columbus, OH. Around this time, I moved in with my fiance, Jason.  Jason's neighbor and friend, Matt, lived behind Jason and they were practically inseparable! They cooked together, shared laughs and smiles together and they had a vibe that no one could really describe, but was entirely universally understood by all. I liked Matt from the day I met him! At one point, he had an opportunity to grow elsewhere and so he moved out and found himself in Grandview, OH. He was not only a great neighbor and friend, but an overall awesome person...We missed having him around, especially with him being less than 2 minutes away! 

Throughout the years, Matt, Jason and I lost touch, but not to the point that it became a concern. Matt is one of those friends you can pick right back up where you left off the last time that you spent time with one another! Got to love those relationships, huh? Matt was busy working and we were also busy trying to get life just right!  Matt ended up bringing Kellie to a party in which all of our mutual friends were invited to. I remember meeting her and remembering how beautiful she was and how we all knew that Matt admired her!  I had a feeling about this one! It was a look that I had never seen on Matt, and it was love!!

It practically felt as though Matt and Kellie were already married. They adored one another and it was obvious to everyone that Kellie was Matt's soon-to-be bride! After Matt proposed and Kellie (obviously) said yes, they came to me and asked me to capture their big day over an awesome dinner at Salt and Pine in downtown Columbus.  (In case you haven't been there, their menu is quite eclectic, yet delicious! They feature things like Quail and Cauliflower Steak, tasty!)

I clearly couldn't wait to say yes to their question, especially when they told me that they were getting ready at the Hilton Downtown and then getting a ride over to the Scioto Audubon Metropark for their ceremony and reception. Those are two of my most FAVORITE locations to shoot at!  We made it happen and I'm so glad that I got to be a part of their big day! Ironically, it was supposed to rain that day, thank goodness that it didn't! Instead of shooting all day at the hotel, we planned for the Columbus Metropolitan Library for some shots and maybe the OSU Thompson Library if we had the extra time!!

I am so honored to be such a large part of their day. An old friend, a new friend and a newly married couple, I couldn't be happier for the newlyweds! Cheers to a long, luxurious and lavish life with one another! I wish you the best and thank you again for allowing me to be one of the most important parts of your day! Xoxo!

To Matt and Kellie!