West Palm Beach Solo Vacation

As some of you may or may not know, I just recently landed in Columbus from the Fort Lauderdale airport in Florida on Friday, February 3rd. Since I have been back in town, it's been an odd adjustment going from 80 degrees to 21 degrees, but I think I soaked up every bit of sun that I could while I was down there! (Not to mention that it's 60 degrees in Columbus, OH at the moment! I have the windows/doors open letting some fresh air in! GORGEOUS!)

The sole reason for me visiting West Palm Beach, FL was because my dearest friend Carrie just bought her first home there! She accepted a job "higher up" in her job of "talking trash" for a living and that required her to make the move from Asheville, NC to sunny Florida! She fell in love with a house in WPB, put an offer on it (sort of jokingly?...) and they ended up taking her up on her offer!  The week before I was to arrive down in Ft. Lauderdale, Carrie found out that she had a leadership training scheduled right when I was supposed to be there. She begged to have the training rescheduled, but it was the last one, so she HAD to go...to Atlanta! Everything happens for a reason, right?!

I got into Florida after a slightly terrifying landing in Ft. Lauderdale. The older couple sitting next to me (they were adorable, super sweet and from Westerville, OH...only 15 minutes from where I live!) actually grabbed our entire row when we landed because it was so rough. The woman sitting next to me actually said "Well, damn! That's a hell of an entrance into Florida!", hilariously enough, I time-lapsed our landing on my phone and you can definitely tell when the tires made contact with the earth. Whew. Rough landing is an understatement! Haha! Once I arrived, I picked up my luggage and headed outside ASAP to a breezy and warm 65 degrees! I was in heaven! Carrie and I headed to grab a bite to eat (The Office. As soon as I saw it, I knew we had to go there. My dad calls the bar "the office" because he didn't really have an office as a business owner...and I think he used that term so it made it sound like he was working more than he really was. He worked out of the house! I love telling this story so much! Ha!) before we went to the ocean for an engagement session I had scheduled with a good friend of mine! Fast forward-engagement session. Those images for another day! Right now, VACATION SHENANIGANS.

I got to spend Monday, Tuesday and a part of Wednesday with Carrie before she left for Atlanta. As Thursday came around, I realized how close I was to another friend of mine while I was in town! A great friend from high school, Steve, just recently moved to Miami with his girlfriend Kaylin! I ended up getting in touch with Steve and making my way down to Miami on Thursday evening after a much deserved after-sun nap. Once I landed in Miami and got settled in at Steve and Kaylin's, we went to a little hole in the wall bar walking distance from their apartment. I had the BEST grilled cheese and truffle fries I could've asked for. I also got to witness Steve and our bartender have every conversation in Spanish. I didn't realize that Miami was a Spanish speaking area in the south Florida area. Totally a culture shock for me! I'm not used to walking into a bar and hearing the bartender and a client speak fluently in Espanol!

Friday morning, I woke up at 5am and headed back to the Fort Lauderdale airport for my flight to Columbus. When I left Florida, it was 81 degrees. My two hour flight landed me safely into Columbus at the raw temperature of 21 degrees! The sunshine and laughs was everything I needed for the next month...until I find my next adventure!