Christmas in July

It's been a minute since I've written...I've been having tons of fun and I've honestly been neglecting my work and this evening, I'm kicking my own rear end for it. So, I got inspired and pumped to share with you all I shoot that I've recently did with a friend of mine from MIDDLE SCHOOL, Natalie!

Natalie (Nannable) and I went to OLOP in Canton, OH. That stands for Our Lady of Peace. Yes. A private(s) school. (See what I did there?) We met when we were probably 9 years old..and here were are 21 years later, still hanging out. Natalie lives in Cleveland, OH and I see her more than I probably see 90% of the population from middle school! I remember her and I hanging out in high school, sneaking out and doing things we weren't supposed to. You know, normal teenager rebellious things!? Anyways, we've recently connected and started sharing horror stories about our motorcycle's difficulties. She recently just bought her first bike! YES! Another lady rider. Anyways.

Natalie begged me months ago to do a Christmas in July photo shoot with her. Obviously, I was down! How could you say no to someone running around in 95 degree weather and not enjoy watching them run around a cemetery in a Santa suit?! She's finally given me permission to publicly share her images. We had a ton of fun and a great lunch afterwards to cool down from that hot afternoon session! (PS-My dog came with us and ended up being an excellent actor. So we used him.)