Camping | Glamping

On Saturday, August 12, I ventured my way to Hocking Hills for a camping trip of a lifetime with my very good friend, Josh! Josh had asked me months ago to come on this camping trip because A) it’s on BEAUTIFUL private property and B) I’m excellent at starting fires. A true Pyro at heart!

Anyhow, after an hour drive and almost getting lost (good thing I know how to travel and not get frustrated with directions or wrong turns…sometimes it’s better to travel than to arrive!) I arrived at the campgrounds and was greeted graciously by a fellow camper. She made me feel right at home! I parked my car and started to get settled in by scouting a perfect spot for my hammock and myself while the band played. I nuzzled down and kept my eyes to the stars…the meteor shower was happening and I was hoping to catch a glimpse of it!

Although I didn’t get to see any meteors, I did get to rest up and relax in my hammock. It’s like my favorite thing to do on the planet. I’m forced to be a tiny burrito in a big world. Here are some pictures from our trip! I didn’t take many, as I was only there for one night and then I was on the road again at 7am the next morning for Cincinnati, OH. More details to come, but for now, here’s our camping trip in a nutshell.