Cincinnati | Kevin & Katie

On Sunday the 13th, after camping, I drove to Cincinnati where I met up with two of some of my favorite people ever. Katie lives in Cinci (around Over The Rhine) and Kevin who met us down there lives in Loudonville, OH with his wife Lindsy! I met Kevin and Katie around the same time, however, in completely different places.

I met Katie working at the Buckeye Hall of Fame Grill in college, which no longer exists. As soon as we met, we immediately hit it off and have been close ever since, even with her moving all over the country. Katie lived in Germany and we still kept in touch regardless of the time change and distance. When I asked Katie if I could use her space for a photo shoot, she was eager and excited to be a part of it. I always love spending time with Katie and it had been a while, so I was just as excited!

Kevin and I met in college through Art School. Kevin’s thesis included documenting tattoos on people and then he turned it into a book to display each individual’s story. Kevin photographed the tattoo of the lilies that I have on my ribs and asked me questions as to why I got it along with the placement of the actual tattoo. Ever since that shoot, I’ve been modeling for him! He makes it easy and I make it a challenge.

Katie and Kevin had never met each other until Sunday and I’d say that they hit it off just right! We ended up going to lunch, going swimming and exploring at Rhinegeist Brewery in Cinci (SO COOL! If you haven’t been, GO! It’s got a rooftop bar and a HUGE space inside to play corn hole, multiple bars and lots of entertainment! Super cool space.) It was really awesome to spend time with two of my favorites in the same city. A huge shout out to Katie for letting us crash her pad and to Kevin for taking solid images of me, once again! I adore you both!

Here are a few samples from our trip!