Kitty Hawk, NC to Columbus, OH

Kitty Hawk, NC > Gaithersburg, MD > Washington D.C. > Cumberland, Va > Columbus, OH


Last Sunday, September 3, Travis and I hopped on his freshly-serviced 2007 Road King Classic and headed for the beach in Kitty Hawk, NC! After thinking that taking the long, scenic route on 33, we decided to hoof it on a major highway so that we could successfully land in North Carolina on Sunday night. Our total time travel was about 12 hours. Trust me, the last thing I wanted to do was sit. EVER. AGAIN. But we did. We unloaded the bike at Kelly's (one of my great friend's Mom's. She's been like a Mom to me through the years and her and her husband graciously loaned their home to us for 4 days!) and then headed to the Black Pelican for a crab and shrimp dinner! It was delicious! By the time we got back to the house, all I wanted to do was lay down and relax, so we did! 

Monday, we roamed about. Did typical touristy things and enjoyed the beautiful weather in NC! We called to make an appointment for Tuesday the 5th to go skydiving. It was my second jump, only this time-I jumped out of the plane RIGHT over the ocean! It was seriously awesome and I highly recommend if for those of you who never had the guts to do it! Totally worth it! We wasted time until Tuesday and then headed to Skydive, OBX! 

Upon our arrival, the staff was extremely educational, kind and encouraging. Although the paperwork (which it usually is) is usually a grueling task, the process went fairly quickly after signing our lives away. Next thing you know, we're 9,000ft in the air jumping out of a perfectly great airplane! After jumping, we gathered an appetite and went to Big Al's for lunch on the island. A banana split was on the menu, so of course we splurged.

Wednesday, we swam in the pool, relaxed and get to chase the sunset at 80mph on a bike. Yes, that's how bad we wanted to capture it! We ended up climbing some sand dunes and catching the last of the sunset before leaving on Thursday afternoon. Next stop, Gaithersburg, MD to see my friend Jess, her daughter Ayva and her boyfriend Mike!

I will remind myself kindly from now on to never travel to D.C. ever again. Traffic is insane and HOT (especially on a motorcycle). My lack of patience for crazy people on the road is slim to none. It was totally worth seeing Jess, but that traffic is GARBAGE! How do people do that every single day?! That's just wild to me...

We hung out with Jess for a few hours and then headed to our hotel not far (but felt far) from her house. We left early the next morning for Ohio! Putting serious miles on the bike coming from Ohio and then going back to Ohio put some rain on my parade. I wanted to keep going, but by 6pm, I was worn out, tired, hungry and in pain. We stopped in Cumberland, MD for the night and got to meet a really interesting individual that I'm sure was on some fairly hard drugs. We collectively decided not to stay in that town!

We slept and made a breezy/chilly 4 hour ride to Columbus, OH Saturday morning. We got in around 2p and I decided to rally enough with friends for the Ohio State football game! When I got home, it was definitely nap time for this little lady!

Here are some images from our trip last week!! Enjoy :)