Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Ever read the the book "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"?...If not...and you enjoy philosophy & motorcycles, you'll love this book! It has taught me a lot in regards to keeping calm and taking my time to diagnose problems. It's taught me to enjoy the small things, like the flowers on the side of the road where you are stranded. It's taught me to travel with those you can get a long with for long periods of time. 

Although this book has taught me a lot about riding and maintenance, being on a motorcycle and actually experiencing/relating to this book makes it even BETTER. There's nothing quite like going 40mph and having the ability to put your feet down and touch the ground. There's some kind of amazing "grounded" feeling about riding your own motorcycle. (Notice I didn't say "being a passenger"...although that's a pretty sweet experience, there's literally nothing like steering, holding, feeling and connecting with the bike. Not saying being a passenger is awful, it's just a whole different happy vibe!) The way your body hugs your bike going around curves and turns, the way your hair sways every which way, the way you can easily slide in and out of traffic, the ease of finding parking, the amazingly diverse people you meet, the adventures you partake in, the magical common interest that makes people connect in a whole new way...everything about this, I love.

Now, with all the perks and pros of motorcycle riding, there obviously has to be some sort of con, right? Yep. Nailed it. I'm about to explain to you why I have been so crappy about updating my photography blog and other social media. Human, I know, but still. Not responsible as a business owner. ANYWHO--->

Jason, my fiance, bought me a gold 1975 Honda CB 200 (her name is Lucy) in the summer of 2014. I was eager to get my license and passed first try without a single class! (Totally tooting my own horn here. Sorry. lol) After riding for a few months, we realized something was killing the battery if we let Lucy sit for a long period of time without riding her. Since 2014, we've had SOME issues, but this year has been the year of patience and problems. Talk about ZEN and the ART of LUCY MAINTENANCE. WHEW.

To make a very long story short, we have rebuilt carburetors, performed a tune up, slapped some new tires on her, troubleshooted electrical problems, broke shit, troubleshooted other random issues, broke some more shit and well, finally, we said "Screw it. we're taking it to Courthouse."

There is nothing more I'd rather be doing than spending my free time on my motorcycle, don't get me wrong. I know that I should be in my studio working. I know that I should be working harder to promote myself. I know I'm being lazy. My goal has been to help my Fiance as much as possible with Lucy because her being down is driving us both nuts (let's be honest, I'M the one driving Jason nuts about Lucy.) When everyone's motorcycle works in this house, we're all happy. Once the happiness happens, I'll be back on the social media faster than a racing turtle! 

At any rate, here is Lucy after nature gave her a bath today. It's a humid one!