Kasey + Patrick

Good evening, friends

I've been DYING to share this story for over a month now...and I finally have the time to share with you all! A few months ago, my good friend's daughter, Kasey, called me and inquired about a wedding photography package. Patrick had proposed and they were looking to do a small and quaint backyard/country themed wedding in the middle of the city! Kasey's Mom lives on the East Side of Columbus, but you would NEVER know it. Her property is tucked back off of the main roads and she has plenty of land to put a FEW houses on! I have met Kasey in person multiple times and when she asked me to be a big part of her day, I couldn't refuse! Kasey has two ADORABLE children, Jackson and River and it is VERY evident that they stole the show.

Kasey and Patrick both work in the restaurant industry. Patrick is a chef (hence the awesome pig roast!) and Kasey is an excellent server! Their food menu was small and eclectic and their wine bar was well versed. The little details I found during the day were my favorite. A popcorn maker, tastefully decorated wine bottles for table centerpieces, beautifully hand-written chalkboard signs and a gorgeous backdrop that Pat's Mom made for their ceremony all made for such a personalized event.

What's crazy about the whole thing is that Kasey and Pat got married on a Sunday...a specific Sunday that I WILL NOT ever forget! That prior Friday, I had received news that my father wasn't doing well and so I left a little bit early from their wedding to head to my hometown to see my Dad, who was currently in the hospital due to Heart Failure. As soon as I got into my hometown on Sunday, my Dad coded and went into cardiac arrest. Kasey and Pat's wedding was the best part of my day and I'm so thankful I didn't miss out on their big day. My Dad was kind enough to wait to be Mr. Tricky with his heart and condition until I arrived! How nice! 

On a side note: My father is doing well and is on the mend. I can't believe he's here...neither can the doctors. He's a miracle...and that's putting things lightly.

Kasey and Patrick, thank you for allowing me to capture a day you'll never remember. I promise I'll never forget October 2, 2016. Never Ever.

As for all of my readers; Enjoy these images!!!!