Carrie + Vintage Truck

Happy weekend, everyone! Thanks for popping in to read today's blog...featuring the beautiful Carrie and our sweet little old vintage truck, courtesy of great friends of ours. If you need any powder coating done, head on over to Performance Powder Coating on S. James Rd!!! Jason and Gina are the best in town, price and quality! I can't speak more highly of them, they are just simply 100% reliable and professionals at what they do! Okay anyways, back to Carrie. The truck and Carrie are 100% unrelated.

I met Carrie about six years ago while I was waitressing at the Buckeye Hall of Fame Grill in Grandview, while still attending The Ohio State University. Miss Carrie and I bonded immediately and became very close in small period of time. We spent a lot of shifts (and even time outside of work!) together. Anyone who has worked the restaurant industry knows that your coworkers become family members. You actually spend more time with your work family than you do your own family! Carrie was a role model in so many ways, she had no clue. One thing that specifically stood out about Carrie was her ability to persuade me to be a lady (physically). Back in 2010 when I first met her, I was VERY much still in my tomboy stage of life. Although I knew I could ACT like a lady, I didn't want to quite admit that I looked decent in a dress. Carrie and I spent many nights sitting in my bedroom talking about life, ladies, men, sexuality, feeling good in your body, loving yourself and being happy. The only thing that 100% truly stuck with her approach was how to feel great in my body and well, how to rock the hell out of a dress! 

Carrie is a big part of Jason and I's wedding in 2018. She has put in numerous amounts of hours and dedication to helping me pick out a venue for our reception. She has driven from N. Carolina multiple times to talk details about the big day and she's also inspired me to stay calm and collected during the whole process! I really couldn't ask for a better and more inspiring friend. She loves her job (it takes her all OVER the place!), she loves her life and I'm lucky  to have such a wonderful human being in my life. They say if you're friends for more than 7 years,  you'll be friends for a lifetime. We've only got 1 more year to go for that to be a fact. Looks like I've gained yet another lifetime friend!

Ok. Moving on to the best part of the blog. The images!

I've had this photographic vision of "Butts & Trucks" since college, but never had the resources to do it. Until now. The only way I can describe this is...I see a vintage truck, doesn't matter what year or what color...or even the condition! Just something old. I see a lot of female butts, all shapes, sizes, colors...doesn't matter. All butts are great! Now, I know this is not your typical "commercial" or even "professional" photographer's eye. Well, I'm just going to put myself on blast here, I not only enjoy shooting families, babies, seniors, weddings and all of those amazingly wonderful things, but I also get into the "Fine Art" aspect of it too! Considering that I have a Bachelors in Fine Arts, I still feel like my brain needs to create constantly in order to keep my sessions uppity and fun! During the summer, I had the opportunity to make this dream come alive. FIVE GIRLS volunteered to show off their fannies and Jason, the powder coater, allowed us to use his land AND his truck so that I could photograph them! So so so grateful for each of these beauties who volunteered their time and vulnerability to be beautiful in front of the lens for me!

PG images first of Miss Carrie. PG-13 images of all of the beauties following. Enjoy!