Vanessa + Ryan Engagement

I know it seems like forever that I've posted on the blog, and well, it's true! Although there is 100% no excuse for this behavior, I have been SO BUSY SHOOTING that I haven't had the time to post on the blog! Now that I have an exuberant amount of images to share from shoots I've been doing since I've been back in Columbus, I'm sure I'm going to have a hard time ignoring my website and blog. Can't wait to share my month of October with you!

After a lot of thinking and debating what I should talk about today, I decided upon Vanessa and Ryan because out of all my clients, these two gave me goosebumps.

You know when you see two people that are all about each other...? They're all over each other, all wide-eyed with love in the air? You think to yourself "ha. that kind of love doesn't exist. They're faking it. Get a room!"...these two BLEW my mind. Vanessa and I were emailing back and forth when she mentioned that her and her fiance, Ryan, weren't great subjects for photography and that an hour's time would be plenty. Guess what? I feel like they needed a 6 hour session! HOLY CRAP. 

At one point, Ryan was spinning Vanessa in the middle of the wine directions or instructions from me, he just DID IT. The stories they shared with me. The way they looked at one another. The way they held hands. The things they said to each other...(my favorite being "I kinda just want to be inappropriate right now!") Everything about these two screamed passion. I still am in shock that I got to capture their vision in such a stunning setting!

Congrats, Vanessa and Ryan. I couldn't be more excited to be a part of your love's truly beautiful!!