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Happy Saturday everyone! It’s the freakin’ weekend and it’s also…

Beat [M]ichigan week here in Columbus, Ohio! As alumni and a true believer in my buckeyes, I am currently blogging from my favorite bar, having a DELICIOUS Bloody Mary with some fellow nuts. Ironically, our friends who live in [M]ichigan were in town today and wanted to pop over. Unfortunately, they were unable to do so before the game started. That’s okay. Just hearing the word “Michigan” makes me cringe…and some of my best friends live “up there”!

I digress.

The holiday season always means the 3 F’s for me. Football, food, family. ­Yesterday, I got to hang out with an old friend of mine, Kiel. I met Kiel about 8 years ago. At the time, I lived with one of my favorite people ever, Lalo. Lalo and I met in a photography class back in 2007 and we were roommates literally the year after, as soon as my lease was up! We moved in together in August and within months I was introduced to his great friend Kiel. Kiel and Lalo are from the same hometown and have been close for a very long time. About 5 years ago, Kiel, his wife and daughter all moved to California. They were there for many years and just recently moved back to Columbus, OH. On November 25, 2015, Sarah, Kiel and Aisha (their daughter) welcomed Alistair Miles into the world…and on his first birthday, I got to capture his sweet little face!  Kiel messaged me about a month ago inquiring about scheduling a session with me! His wife was talking about hiring someone to do one year photos and Kiel said “I know someone!” He promptly messaged me and we scheduled an outdoor session, hoping that the weather would cooperate. (For those of you who don’t know, Ohio’s weather is extremely unpredictable. For example, last week, I was riding my motorcycle in 70 degree weather, and LITERALLY the next day, it was 30 degrees and snowing. This is not a joke.)

I originally told Kiel that my vision included me shooting in their home. I’ve been craving a “in home” shoot. I haven’t ever done them before, but I’ve seen other photographers really NAIL their shots. It makes sense! If you put your “models” in their natural environment, they’re going to be most relaxed and comfortable! When Kiel cancelled our last minute plan to shoot outside and then announced that his wife caved to my idea of shooting inside their home, I was SO excited! I hadn’t ever met Sarah or their daughter, Aisha, but I knew this session was going to be a blast!  I had seen photos of Kiel and his family and they have a great way of displaying an extreme amount of good energy in images. This opportunity was giving me goose bumps!

When I got to their home, I was immediately welcomed by the Howell family (including their 4 dogs! FOUR! Two babes and FOUR fur babes! How they do it, I’m not sure!). We got acquainted with one another and proceeded to giggle and laugh throughout the shoot. I really enjoyed the fact that both Sarah and Kiel were low key and comfortable. At one point, their son was chewing on a hairbrush…I mentioned it (because I thought maybe they would want that item removed for photographs) and they both said “nah. He likes it and it keeps him happy, so just let him chew on it!” HOW FREAKING COOL. I love when a family just lets life happen and lets me photograph it. Candids are truly my favorite…and in home sessions? Probably my most preferred style of capturing memories! Can’t WAIT for my next one!

Thank you to Kiel, Sarah, Aisha and Alistair! I had a blast with you all and I’m so glad we’ve rekindled a relationship! Cheers. I had so much fun yesterday!