Bruce's Medical Fund Benefit | Canton, OH

It's hump day already! The week is just FLYING by! The past couple of days, I've been gathering things to make homemade Christmas gifts. Alongside that, I've been prepping chicken noodle soup (YES. I LOVE SOUP SEASON!) and preparing myself for a 3 day vacation in the woods with my man and my dog, Finny! My birthday is on the 2nd and I've been obnoxiously begging Jason to take me somewhere for my day! We haven't been away, just the two of us, in what feels like years, so I'm really excited to spend some quality time with my two favorite guys to celebrate one more time of revolving around the Earth. (PS-Just out of curiosity, how long do you celebrate YOUR birthday?! Everyone is different!)

Today's topic is a feel-good one, so strap on your seat belts and prepare yourself for a tear jerker! I am going to give a small synopsis of what is currently going on in my life, but if you'd like more information, please head over to ( I blogged just a week after my Dad was admitted to the hospital, and that blog gives a bit more detailed information as to what is/was going on in the Brewer family. For now, just a quick description will do so I can get to the good stuff!

My dad was in the hospital for 12 days. On Friday, Sept 30, Dad went in for a heart cath and was admitted. His heart was working at 10% of what it should've been. He was scheduled for open heart surgery the next Monday. I got into town Sunday evening and went straight to the hospital. I visited with Dad until about 8pm and headed home to get some rest. Wouldn't you know, Dad had a heart attack right after I left and they moved his surgery to the first one instead of the second one on Monday. Dad beasted through a 6 bypass open heart surgery and proceeded to have more heart attacks after his procedure. A week after his open heart, he had a pacemaker/defibrillator (I'm finally a professional at spelling medical terms!) put his in chest, to regulate the "electrical" portion of his heart.

When Dad was released, his nurse (ironically who was one of his best friend's daughters, Tiffany Bachman) and I chatted about his recovery. I specifically asked her "So, after he leaves today, this man literally CANNOT die from heart problems, right?!" and she looked at me with the most sincere look in her eyes and said "Nope! You got that right!"

As SOON as Dr. Sandhu came out of his open heart surgery, he exclaimed "Whew. That man...he's a miracle. I don't know how he was still alive. I did SIX bypasses and a scrape (meaning the surgical team had to scrape his artery out before they could even use it to bypass the blood in his heart!). He did well. He is still sleeping, but you two (my mother and I) may go see him if you'd like"...I knew. I knew after hearing how extensive his heart damage was, this was going to be a lengthy, grueling and expensive road ahead. I immediately started thinking of ways to make money for their medical bills/rehab. I got heads together and we brainstormed. Together, as a community, as a family and as neighbors, we organized a benefit fundraiser, humbly hosted by Maria, the owner of Arcadia Grill in downtown Canton. (THANK YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!!!!!!!)

Once we found a location, we got to work! We set a date, a month or so out, and began asking local shops, businesses and retailers for donations. We organized a bake sale in which neighbors pitched in to help. We organized a 50/50 raffle, Chinese raffle and silent auction. We had so many people asking how they could help. I was so humbled with all of the last minute donations, cash and checks that people were handing out left and right! My fiance and I arrived in Canton on November 20, 2016 with bells on. The neighbors were hustling and bustling all around me. I couldn't be IN Canton the entire time to help organize, but my parent's neighbors, family and friends were ON IT. I can't even begin to tell you all how much I appreciate you. (Ok, now I'm crying!) If it weren't for them, this event would've fallen apart. I am sincerely so appreciate for everyone's help...and for the MAD LOVE that people have shown my family, especially my Dad. Neighbors are coming over to clean up his leaves, mow his grass, take care of things around the house. I'm truly humbled. (It's also GREAT karma! My Dad is one of those guys who pays for strangers' breakfasts without telling them...He does it frequently without wanting in return. I wish people could see him and use him as an example. The world would be a WAY better place!)

On Sunday, November 20, 2016, 110 people showed up for Bruce Brewer's Medical Benefit. $4,500 was raised on his behalf. All of the money went to Bruce to use for his bills &/or rehabilitation. Thank you to every single person who helped, donated and made this event a successful one. Bruce is sincerely overwhelmed with love and is 100% humbled. We can't thank you enough.

From the VERY bottom of our hearts, The Brewers! ENJOY