Liz + Robert | Engaged

Happy Wednesday evening, folks! I hope it's been a great week for you all so far. It's already hump day and my week is whizzing by. I can't believe Christmas is just 11 shy days away! Where is time going?! Bring it, 2017!

As some of you (or all of you) may know, winter is the busiest engagement season there is. The holidays bring people together and proposals are very popular around Christmas, New Years and Valentines Day! Another fun fact that you may or may not know is the fact that I've worked part time in a little wine shop in German Village called the Hausfrau Haven (German Housewife). I've been at Hausfrau for a little over a year now and have the privilege of tending bar on Saturdays and also selling/talking about wine on Sundays. Through this job, I have met a ton of amazing people, including my boss ladies. They're truly an inspiration!

Now, I know you're thinking..."What the hell does this place have to do with a proposal?!"...and the answer is everything! This wine shop not only has a bar, gifts, fashionables, wine and various knick knacks, but it also has a very precious space that only a few people have seen since Hausfrau's existence. I am not at liberty to disclose exactly where this space is, but it's more personable than ever if you love wine. On Friday, Dec 9, one of my bosses called me and said "bring your camera to work tomorrow, someone is proposing at Hausfrau!" I immediately agreed and showed up with bells on the next day at work. I LOVE capturing proposals!

At approximately 5:25pm, I eagerly headed to the proposal site with my sweet boss, Julie, camera in hand! It felt like 2 seconds before they were on site and the soon-to-be groom, Robert, was on one knee with the sweet and simple question "Elizabeth [insert middle name I didn't catch because I was too busy being emotional] Dickerson, will you marry me?!" and of course she was already nodding and exclaiming "OF COURSE!" Robert, the groom-to-be, promptly put the GORGEOUS ring on Liz's finger and they continued celebrating the moment by hugging and sharing feelings. She looked at Julie and I both and said "Is this real life? I don't feel like this is really happening!" I assured her that this happens frequently amongst plenty of newly engaged couples. The feeling has been described to me as "surreal" or a feeling of "this isn't happening..." After a bit of conversation, Liz and Robert poured themselves glasses of champagne and proceeded to celebrate with a small group of family and friends. It was an intimate setting, just perfect! Check them out for yourselves!