Stupeck Wedding

Oh my goodness...where do I even start with my FIRST blog?! 

Over the past month, with lots of debating and trial and error, I have decided (I should say...WE have decided. Jason is my rock and has been encouraging me to do what makes me happy regardless of finances...what a huge blessing!) to take a leap of faith into the full time art world. I am 100% terrified. I am also 100% so SO excited. Being self-employed has so many perks...I can't wait to see where the field leads me!

Crazily enough...a few months ago, an old friend from middle school, Graceanna, messaged me on Facebook asking me to photograph her wedding reception at Lake Cable in Canton, OH.  I immediately said yes and was eager to capture such a special evening for her. We kept in touch through mail (yes...snail mail!!!) and through Facebook for a while up until the wedding...(well, and even after too!) I loved it when she exclaimed "Whitney! You still look the same!".

Ryan and Graceanna have been together for 12 years! When I reconnected with Grace in College (we both went to THE Ohio State University and just so magically ran into one another every once in a while...) she was with Ryan! They got married in Las Vegas on December 31, 2015 and had a separate reception in Canton for family and friends. I am so happy that I could capture their day because they're a beautiful couple. I sobbed going through these images...SO MUCH LOVE. It's amazing!

Hey Stupecks, THANK YOU ENDLESSLY for letting me be a big part of your day! I am humbled and honored to have done it for you...I couldn't be happier. Let's hang!