I need to be 100% honest...

I just watched some snaps from another fellow photographer and it got me thinking....

How many of us photographers put on makeup (or real clothes, other than sweatpants) only when we leave the house for a shoot? How many of us are embarrassed to share some of the things WE are interested in, in fear that it will turn clients away?  How many of us try to post the most perfect and symmetrical images on social media, in order to attract clients?! How many of us don't show enough of our personalities through our social media...that we can't quite "connect" with our audience? How many of us are trying to get a business off the ground and find ourselves somehow "competing" with one another?

I need to answer these questions for the people who need/want to know me a bit better! I need to expose my most vulnerable things about myself. I need to share things that aren't comfortable to talk about. I need to be human...because it's the most beautiful and relatable thing on Earth! We all make mistakes, we all are on the same path of learning throughout life. Being vulnerable with one another encourages a sense of community. Sharing stories with others encourages individuals to develop a sense of empathy. A feeling of belonging and a feeling that we're all doing this together...Life.

Here we go!

I'm Whitney. I'm 100% weird...but I'm pretty sure I have a good head on my shoulders. I work really hard (I don't know when to sit down, actually).  I used to obsess over dirty dishes in the sink before I'd go to bed. I picked up that habit from my mother. Love her! I grew up in the city, I still reside in the city (and secretly wish I lived in the country, but I'd honestly probably go crazy due to lack of a social life. The city is convenient for meet ups with friends...) If my life didn't revolve around my photography, dog, fiance and family, it would probably revolve around hip-hop. I love music (I actually have that exact statement tattooed on my left ankle) more than a lot of things in life (Including movies. Sorry. I just get more out of music!) and it inspires me to keep making art. I've had a lot of musical influences in my life, including my parents and my cousins! I love Jameson on the rocks a whole lot...but lately, since it's summer and I can, I've been drinking a lot of beer. Trying to watch how many because I always tend to get fat when I consume a lot of beer. [INSERT VULNERABLE FACT HERE: My heaviest weight at 5'2" was 142lbs and that's when I was in college...I loved beer. I'm now at a comfortable weight of 123 and I feel like that's my lucky number. I love it.]

On April 5 of this year, my baby brother had his first baby (and gave my parents their first Grand-Daughter). Let me tell you how a little life can change your life from 120 miles away! Never thought it a million years that I'd be traveling so far to see a lil' lady that's a part of me! (It's weird he had a girl. I have 7 male cousins from one set of Aunt and Uncles...the odds that he was going to have a girl were slim to none!)

My passion is helping others believe in themselves. I love it when I can inspire someone to love themselves...even just a little bit more than they did before. Most importantly, my favorite way to do this is through photography. ITS THE BEST. I have the upmost highest respect for my body. I love my body. I love my lack of curvy hips, but love that my top half IS curvy! I love every flaw of my body. I love my scars. They tell stories. I love my hands. They work hard and resemble my mothers'. I love her. I love my eyes. They're the perfect mix between my Mom and Dad. I love my moles, even though I had a skin cancer scare in January of this year. ON MY FACE. I felt like Nelly like a week after my surgery! I encourage others to love themselves as much as I love myself. When you have a great self body image (AND self-esteem!) YOU are happy and everyone around you is happy. Happiness is contagious and so is my ability to make you love your body and be comfortable in it. That's my end goal. Every. Single. Shoot! 

I love ADVENTURE and chaos. Life wouldn't be life without it! Every day is different. Every thought is different. Every moment is different..and perfect. I love seeing new places, meeting new people, hearing new stories, networking and camping. I love being in a car. I love driving. I ride a motorcycle! I'm going skydiving this month. I love flying. I love being in nature. If I could sum up me in a few photos, it'd be these ones...

I am me. I love me. Let me help YOU love you!