A Day in the Life of...

Whitney! Hey friends, family, fellow photographers...I'm ready to give you a synopsis on the day in the life of a "non-working" Whitney. But first, I have to preface that I don't really get a day off...I work every day! (I'm not complaining...I literally LOVE what I do!) On Saturdays, I bartend at this little wine shop in my neighborhood called HausFrau Haven (Housewife Haven in German!). I get to serve a different selection of wine each weekend AND I get to engage with interesting people in a relaxing environment! It's a total change up from what I'm used to, considering I worked at the fast-paced Starbucks for 5 years! On Sundays, I also work at the same wine shop for a few hours..doing girly tasks, like cleaning, organizing, guiding customers to their perfect wine, dancing to Stevie Wonder, playing with the cat, taking out the trash and recycling...the list goes on!! I've worked here for a little over a year and am so blessed to have this job. I genuinely enjoy going to work and my bosses are amazing!!!!

However, during the week, my day is completely different. A typical day in the life of Whitney goes a little something like this; 

After a great night's rest, (because we invested in My Pillow and they are seriously amazing! I couldn't believe how much better my back and neck felt after a rare 8 hours of solid sleep! If you are interested-http://www.mypillow.com/ Totally worth your time, promise. I digress.) Anyways, as I was saying before, after a good night's sleep, I wake up around 7am like clockwork. I mozy into the bathroom and take a leak, as I'm sure all humans do. Sometimes I go back to bed and scream for my dog to come snuggle with me. He likes early morning snuggles in our bed since he's usually not allowed up there. It's a treat for him! And me too!  Once I roll out of bed around 7:30am, for real, I follow my little red carpet all the way down to my kitchen where the coffee is awaiting me! (I need to preface that my fiance's brother and his girlfriend moved in with us a few weeks ago! We love having them...and most of the time, they're the ones prepping the coffee the night before. I can't lie, I love it!) My house smells so wonderful in the mornings!

Once I pour myself a cup of coffee, yes, I take it with heavy cream, no sugar, I sit in front of my computer and have literally no routine. Sometimes, I'll check my email first. Most of the time, my email has the least amount of traffic, so for my own sanity, I turn my notifications off on my phone. Usually it's filled with junk mail and too many marketing things that I've signed up for. Haha! I can't keep track of them, honestly, and it overwhelms me...Maybe it's time I clean up my inbox?! After doing this task, I eventually post an image on Instagram. The earlier, the better, I've determined. People like Instagram early in the mornin'! Then I'll check the stats on my blog and other social media platforms. After I'm done lallygagging on social media, I'll eventually make my way back to the kitchen, where I'll do the dishes from the night before. I'm still in my PJ's and proud of it! I'll end up going to throw some laundry in the washer and then venture out to do adult things. (Side note: MY Definition of adulting on a day off= running to the bank, grocery store, back home to walk the dogs and then heading to the bar for happy hour before a nap.) After said errands and then a nap (mind you, this is my day off...don't judge!), I wake up happily and attempt to make a delicious and semi-healthy dinner. It usually works out in my favor, however, sometimes I really hate cooking and prefer to eat out. Who doesn't like this treat every once in a while??

After my healthy and amazing dinner (tooting my own horn if you couldn't see...), I plop myself in front of the TV, a rare moment indeed, and watch one whole episode of something. Recently, I've been into Vice Principals, Orange is the New Black and Tiny Houses. If I'm not watching TV, my secondary form of entertainment is music. With that, I'm fairly certain I listen to a variety of music that people don't really know about. I really enjoy the underground stuff. Example? Sia. Before Sia was big, I listened to a lot of her. Once she became mainstream, I lost interest and moved on to something else. Currently, I can't get away from anything involving a great beat. Underground hip hop is my favorite genre, but there are so many other great types of music out there that I truly love. It's really hard to pick just one! 

After dinner, I'll pick up the kitchen and make myself a Jameson on the rocks. I started drinking that in college and now I can't stop. It's smooth, delicious and very much Irish like me. I really enjoy late night walks with my dog and my guy. When the two are with me, it's like heaven! Sometimes, I'll go to my studio and paint. Sometimes, I'll disappear into the man cave and watch a movie or listen to records. Sometimes, I'll meet people out and about for diner and drinks...and sometimes, I just stay at home and don't do anything. There are so many things that you can do it one day...it's mind blowing that I can't finish them all! Laundry, clean, cook, dishes, work, retouch images, walk the dog...why can't us as a society take time out for ourselves each day to meditate and truly put our brain "in a jar." It's calming to remove our minds from the chaos of the day. It's peaceful there and we deserve that!

Each day, work or not, I try to take 10 minutes out of my day to truly reflect on how I'm feeling, a little self-evaluation, if you will. I assess the problems and supply solutions. I work harder at being genuine and true. I work at my brand every single day...because my brand is ME and I represent my brand.

All in all, I 100% don't get a day off unless I literally turn all of my devices off and leave the country. Even then, I'll still be working...always proudly representing me and my work, because I deserve it.

I love you all.