Kendra + Nick + Giavanna

Good evening and happy hump day, everyone!

I know it feels like eons since I've blogged, but I promise it's well worth the wait. Life has been a little hectic lately, but that's okay because I'm busy in the best ways possible! Last Thursday, I got to road trip to Cleveland, OH to photograph THE 12-day-young, sweet and beautiful Giavanna Nicole D'Amico. Our shoot was exciting, exhausting and extravagant all at once. We quickly learned that G hated being changed in and out of clothes, loved the song Egypt, Egypt by The Egyption Lover, released in 1984 (this is relevant. Please continue reading for epic laughs!) and only cooperated when her belly was full and she had clothes on! However, for only being 12 days old, she rocked her session like a natural...and so did Kendra and Nick as parents!

Kendra and I have known each other for about 6 years or so now. Her roommate back in college was a co-worker of mine at Ruby Tuesdays in Columbus. Soon, I realized that the two of them lived literally around the corner from me and I started spending time with the both of them! After spending some quality time with Kendra, I fell in love with her care-free attitude, fun spirit and laugh. Basically, the rest is history! We moved in together after college in an awesome apartment in the Brewery District near downtown Columbus. We lived there together for a year, and once our lease was up, I shortly thereafter moved in with Jason. During that year, Kendra and I learned a lot about one another. We learned to adapt to changes with and without one another and I'm so thankful that I got to do it all with her.

When Kendra met Nick and then informed me that she was moving from Columbus to Cleveland to live with him, I KNEW he was the one! Kendra displayed extreme amounts of happiness and sheer joy when she was with him. I could see how happy he made her and I loved seeing her that happy! In April/May of 2016, Kendra sent me a text message telling me that she was pregnant! When she broke the news, I began to cry because I knew Kendra was going to make an AWESOME Mom, and even though I had never met Nick, I fully believed that he would make an excellent Dad too! 

Turns out, I was right. I arrived in Cleveland to their home in Parma Heights on a foggy Thursday afternoon and left their home with the sunniest vibes I could've possibly picked up.  I am so incredibly humbled that Kendra and Nick picked Whitney Brewer Photography to be a part of their lives and to capture such special moments in their lives as parents. Nick far surpassed my expectations and Kendra is still the same GORGEOUS friend that I've always had. I am so lucky to be a part of baby G's life in such a special way. I cannot thank them enough for challenging me (Nick is very proud of his Italian heritage and wanted me to capture that in her images. He's also a US Vet and we wanted to incorporate that as well. I can't lie, I've never had to do such things in photography...but I'm so glad that I did. We all worked really well together AND had a great time doing it!) and choosing me to capture their sweet little family.

Cheers to you, Kendra and Nick! You made a beautiful baby girl, now go show her off!!!!!