Wedding Venue Review | Pt. 1

Good evening, friends!

Lately, I've been asked where my favorite venues are and why I like them so much! I can't help but expand on this question in blog form...and since there are so many to choose from, I'm going to split this blog into two! To be honest with you all, Columbus has SO many unique and beautiful venues to choose from, it's almost impossible to squeeze all of them into one story. It would be one, long run-on sentence. Hopefully, this could be your guide to a decent amount of Columbus Wedding Venues (or even just a beautiful location to shoot at!) and if you're on the fence, I intend to get you off the dang fence and just choose what's right for you! Before I begin, some of these images are not mine. I hate to take credit for something that isn't mine, but I will definitely let you all know if the images are not mine. 

First off, I'm going to start with a venue that is near and dear to my heart...


The Hilton Downtown

I cannot speak more highly of the Hilton and ever single experience I've had in it. Back when the Hilton opened it's doors, a great friend of Jason and I's got asked to be the executive Chef for the entire Gallerie Bistro and Bar in the Hilton. Ever since, Jason and I (and I can't lie, a TON of friends too...) have gone frequently to support local business and friends. The food here is out of this world, with the wings being my favorite. They're soaked in duck fat and then flash fried to serve. HOLY CRAP THEY ARE SO GOOD.

I digress. Although Chef Bill's menu is amazing and eclectic, the space alone is enough to sell you! Most of the building is all glass, which provides an excellent source of natural lighting (my forte). The roof of the hotel is also glass, which also ALWAYS serves as a backup source of light! It's truly amazing! If you're a fan of natural light photography for your big day, this is your space! It comes through ten-fold when it comes to light. The Hilton can accommodate over 700 guests and have floor-to-ceiling views of the city. Wedding planners are on site to make planning your day a breeze. The Hilton also offers a breezeway over High Street. Photography opportunities in the breezeway are one of my favorite places to take advantage of natural light while also staying dry and warm! 

If you are further interested in this venue for your big day, head on over to their website for more additional information, but I promise, you won't be disappointed! PS-The images of the Hilton are NOT mine.

My next favorite venue is:

Station 67

Station 67 is located at 379 W. Broad St. It is only an indoor space that can accommodate up to 200 people. Station 67 is named what it is because it used to be part of the Toledo and Ohio Central Railway and now is used for a historical space for events such as weddings! When booking with 67, you must use Milo's catering, but if you love their food, there shouldn't be any hesitation to book this beautiful space. When I saw it for the first time, I couldn't believe how stunning the architecture was inside and outside of the building. This space also provides incredible natural lighting in the reception area, which is always the BEST scenario for a photographer. The space for around 100 guests runs about $900, so the space is listed as affordable on The Knot! If you love old buildings, this is the spot for you!

Head on over to their website for more info!

The Vault

Next up on my list is The Vault, located at 35 E. Gay St. The venue provides seating for 300 people and the setting is in an old bank from 1912 (hence the name!) There is so much history in this building it's amazing. The building has been renovated multiple times, once revealing a chandelier after tearing down drop ceilings. The original floors were marble. Someone out of their mind covered it up with different flooring and later in time, the new owner ripped the old flooring out and found the original marble! The most recent renovation included the addition of a staircase to get to the second floor of the Vault. All of the walls are made out of steel and the original safe lock still remains in the actual Vault. Although this space provides BEAUTIFUL views and a fresh atmosphere, it does not provide the lighting that the Hilton and Station 67 provide. This would be my only qualm with this space! Other than that, it's a great choice for a venue and it's super unique!

Feel free to head over to their super informational website! The following image is NOT mine.

Next on the list is:

The Vue

(95 Liberty St. Cols, OH 43215)

If you are looking for a quaint, intimate space, this is going to be your best bet! This venue seats 285 guests, easy accommodations for parking, a bridal loft to get ready in, a view of the beautiful brewery district and downtown AND is reasonably priced! My favorite part of The Vue is that you are permitted to bring your own alcohol to the venue! This can truly add up and having this option is one for the books! Another one of my favorite things about The Vue is that you can decorate the space pretty much any way you'd like, so the possibilities are endless! This space, for a photographer is awesome because the view can change for any event shot here. The large windows out front provide a lot of natural lighting, which I prefer. Having a ceremony at this space is awesome because you have options of both inside or out, which can be perfect in choosing your venue, considering that Ohio weather is 100% unpredictable! (For those of you who don't know, Ohio weather could be rain and 50 degrees one second, and the next it's sunny, muggy and 87 degrees. Us Ohioans are used to this...but it comes as a surprise to people from out of town!)

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, head on over to their website for ALL the fun and fancy details. You won't be disappointed!

The images below are not mine!