Wedding Venue Review | Pt. 2

Happy Hump Day, everyone! Glad to see you all back and rested from the weekend! I am actually getting ready to make a little road trip to Cleveland tomorrow, so I'm busy packing up photo gear and an overnight bag. I get to photograph my friend Kendra's sweet, 12 day old baby, Gia! From what I've seen thus far, she's got a boat load of hair and a TON of super thick black eyelashes! I can't wait to get my hands on her and my lens her in her perfect little face! After I'm doing catching up with Kendra, her soon-to-be hubby Nick and their very first daughter, Giavanna, I'm heading to see someone I haven't seen in years! We went to middle school together. Crazy that we're still connected! I'm loving everything about this week!

OK. I've gotten off topic. Whoops. I am just too excited to tell you about these baby pictures coming!!! I'm really excited! (I'm sure Mom and Dad are too!)

I digress.

In the last blog, Wedding Venue Review | Pt. 1 , I touched base on 4 of my favorite wedding venues in Columbus due to either the natural lighting, setting or perfect photography opportunities! Here goes Pt. 2!

First up on the list...

Jorgensen Farms (Westerville, OH)

If I had an unlimited budget for a wedding, this is the first place that I'd go! I have had nothing but positive reviews of this venue and the lovely people who work here. I have personally, one-on-one, dealt with the employees at this venue and they are more than accommodating. The setting takes place at a farm in Westerville, wonderfully maintained with an optional barn, just in case the weather decides to act up! There are 2-3 different ceremony sites to choose from and can accommodate up to 250 guests, fees including tear down, set up, shuttle, trash, compost, etc. Additional add-ons are optional. Check out their website for more information! If a barn isn't your gig, they also offer a GREENHOUSE site to get hitched!

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Next up!

Via Vecchia Winery (Brewery District)

All I have to say about this venue is WOW. Via blew me away the first time I saw the space. The outdoor space contains rope lights zig-zagging across an alley way. This space tends to create an intimate one in which families and friends can gather and witness two people seal the deal. (This is the type of space in which photographers will drool over!)  Inside, the space can seat 270 comfortably in a 7,700 square ft. space. The winery contains exposed wood ceilings, limestone from the 1800s, so there's a ton of character! Head on over to the website for more information!

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Highline Car House (German Village)

Located in the hear of German Village, this really cool space has been restored to an AWESOME, classic but yet chic wedding venue! This space holds a ton of Columbus history, which is why I love it so much. Not only does the bride and groom create a new story in this building, but Highline tells it's own unique story too! This space was build in 1873 as the car house/horse barn for Columbus Streetcar System. Highline can accommodate up to 350 guests, but is optimal size for 180-250 guests. The venue contains HUGE gorgeous windows, (also a photographer's dream. We love natural light!), wood floors and high ceilings. This space is 100% stunning!

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The Graystone Wine Cellar

If you're looking for a small, intimate and quaint location to get hitched, this is your best bet. This space provides unique ceilings, brick exposed walls and has a dungeon feel to it. It's a bit dark, but this can provide a more "romantic" feel me! They have excellent prices and offer many different options for your big day, so planning is made easy for you. Head on over to the website to check out more details!!!

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