Kiel | Sarah | Aisha | Allistair – Grange Insurance Shoot

Happy weekend, everyone! I am excited for the buckeyes game today at 3:30p and am eager to see what happens in this weird, awkward thing that OSU has going on lately! Haha. I digress.

A few weeks ago, a long time friend of mine contacted me for family photos for this year! Last year, I photographed his family along with his son’s first birthday and OH MY! What a little firecracker they had on their hands! Kiel and I met when I was in college living with one of my favorite people, Gerardo (Lalo) Sanchez. Kiel and Lalo grew up together, so I got to spend a lot of time with him, getting to know him! After college, we all split ways, but somehow Kiel and I found one another again in Columbus after personal travels and adventuring. Kiel introduced me to his stunning wife, Sarah, and cute little kiddos about a year ago when I got to photograph their growing family for Christmas! What I love most about Kiel and Sarah is that they’re “go-with-the-flow” kind of people. They enjoy the images of the “realness” of Allistair picking his nose, well, because…he’s picking his nose right now in life.

We finally booked a shoot inside at the Grange Audubon Insurance Center in downtown Columbus on a gloomy and freezing cold Tuesday afternoon. Ironically, the kids wanted nothing more than to be outside, so…we went with it and this is what we came up with! Whatcha think?