Lauren + Grace | Engaged

Whereeeee to even begin! Whoowhee! 

Let's see. First of all, I've known one of the ladies in these photos for about 7 whole years, believe it or not! A great friend of mine (Tessa) and I used to spend a lot of time with Lauren and her brother, Jeremy when they were kids...I guess that means that Tessa and I were kids too! I remember countless summers of pure laughter and joy at the waterpark with the four of them. Some of the best memories were made with this girl and friends of mine.

When I found out that Carrie was buying a house in West Palm Beach, FL I reached out to a ton of people for photography opportunities. Lauren was one of the first ones on it! Ironically, she was leaving Florida the day AFTER I got into town and we had to plan something basically as soon as I got into town that day! No problem, I was excited to see her, as it's been too long.

On Monday afternoon, Grace, Lauren, Carrie and I all met at the beach for a quick engagement session. It was the perfect temperature with the perfect sunset and models. I couldn't have gotten seriously. Just look at these!!!!

Congrats, you two. I can't wait to be a part of your lives!