Wedding Photography | Friends & Family

Ever wonder if the very overwhelming prices of professional wedding photography are worth it!? Take it from a professional. YES. 100%. Those moments, you will never get back. You will never get to re-live spending time with ALL of your favorite special people all in one place. It just won’t happen! This is one of the biggest moments of your life, don’t skimp out on the person who captures it all, and who is really good at their job!

I have asked hundreds of brides what they would’ve done differently for their wedding and almost every single time, where appropriate, they told me they wished they had spent the money on their photography because Aunt Sue’s photography just didn’t cut it like they were expecting.

For a little reference-I asked my parents, who got married in 1986, how much their wedding photography was and the answer blew my mind! $1600! $1600 in 1986 is like $3,500 nowadays and our lives are SO much easier as digital photographers! Now, back in 1986, there were no digital cameras. Once images were burned into that piece of film, that was it. That was the shot you got. You couldn’t go back and review it. You had to wait for the film to be developed (hoping and praying that it was good film!) and then process accordingly. What I’m saying here is this; you pay for what you get. These are images that you’re going to have forever. Not just a few years, FOREVER. (At least, that’s the point of marriage, right?! ‘Til death do us part?) When Aunt Sue delivers sub par wedding images to you, don’t say I didn’t tell ya. Cause I did!

Professional photography is worth every single penny. I’m not trying to sell just myself, let’s be clear. Every single photographer I know has a different style, which makes us so fun and overwhelming to shop for! There are a lot of us with different pricing guides, styles and behaviors. Don’t be afraid to shop around. That’s okay too. Just try to stay away from family members, friends, etc. taking your wedding images. You’ll surely regret it!

Now, go out there, find a photographer that you LOVE in your budget and BOOK THEM!(yes, they do exist! You can always ask other photographers for references too. We all work well together and share clients!)  Happy Wednesday!

Take a look at this sweet little blog for testimonials from actual brides as to why they regret not hiring a professional wedding photographer!!!