Reverend Windi C. Noble | Officiant

It's HUMP DAY!!!!! Happy day!

I've decided to go a different route for this Wednesday's blog! Today, I have shifted my gears to featuring my amazingly beautiful friend and co-worker, Windi! I have known Windi for a few years now and ironically, the way we met was awesome! Christmastime, years ago, I showed up for a random gift exchange that Jason was participating in. Instead of mailing our gift to our secret Santa (Windi), we decided to hand deliver the gift and well, the rest is history! Windi and I work closely together in the wedding industry. She is an officiant that will make your vows/ceremony perfect for you. She strives to make all of her clients individually 100% satisfied with her services and I love working side by side with her. She scopes out all of the wedding workshops that we should be in and she includes ME. Below, I have asked Windi some questions so that we can all get to know her a bit more in depth and learn why she does what she does! 

Introducingggggg Rev. Windi C. Noble in all of her glory!


How did you become an officiant?

I became ordained in May of 2012-- I was finishing up my undergrad degree in Marketing and Applied Psychology and was unsure of the direction I was heading.  I was looking into coaching, counseling, and spiritual guidance, thus the need to be ordained. In 2014 I performed my first wedding for one of my closest friends and haven’t looked back.  I just love weddings.


What do you do for fun in your spare time?

Like many people I really love being outside.  I enjoy walks in the woods, gardening and foraging. I often volunteer for local organizations such as the Trini Foundation, FLOW, and local shelters.  My artistic outlet is photography; my preferred medium is film 35mm, though I truly stay very busy just living life.


What marketing tools are you using to promote your business?

My marketing toolbox includes:

1.     Advertising: I am currently advertising through several outlets such as:,, Rainbow Wedding Network, I am a member of the All Life Center, and I have a Google business listing. I also just purchased pens with my logo on them that will be given to all couple who sign a traditional contract me with and marketing flyers that I will be delivering to local venues. I truly support community over competition so I am out there daily sharing other vendors content or promotions.

2.     Sales promotions: I am currently offering to celebrants that booked their rehearsal and wedding before March 26, 2017 a $25 discount. Also, I am promoting an elopement package for Phish fans going to the Baker’s dozen this summer.

3.     Public relations: This season I have really been focusing on building my brand.  I started blogging this year and have high hopes of maintaining it throughout peak wedding season. I attended several trade shows and open houses to help build my presence within the industry. Speaking of open houses, I will be at Anderson Farms, 1703 Deeds Road, Granville, Ohio 43023, on Saturday February 25th, 2017 from Noon until 4 pm.  Come on out, say hi and tour the lovely wedding venue and have a plate of the best BBQ in Ohio.

4.     Direct marketing: Currently most of my directing marketing is done through social media platforms. 

5.     Business to Business relations: Along with trade shows, I attended my first Wedding Professionals of Columbus meeting and met some amazing wedding professional in my market; I look forward to more of this in my future.  I believe that building a brand isn’t just about what you are selling it is also about the person behind the product.  Every professional I meet I send a follow-up email, the reason I do this is to build connection. I really want to work with everyone and one way to really check in right away is that email.  If the vendor’s doesn’t respond back—I probably don’t really want to work with them. Likewise, I will be your biggest cheerleader if I love you and believe in your product and/or service.


What social media platform do you find most successful for your business?

I currently only use Facebook and Instagram for my business. Those are the most commonly used in my industry and I find them easy to use and maintain.


What is your favorite part about being an officiant?

My favorite part of being an officiant is sharing that special moment in time that will forever be treasured.


How do you hope to affect others through your business?

Through my keen sense to details and desire to go above and beyond for all of my clients-- it is my hope that I provide each celebrant with thorough and thoughtful service.