Kate & Chris | Elopement

A few weeks ago, Windi, my business partner in crime, called me and mentioned that she had a bride looking for the perfect place to elope with her sweet fiancé, Chris! Chris and Kate met in college years ago. Chris was actually her RA in Kate’s dorm and well, what do you know, years later, they become husband and wife!

I received contact information for Kate and called her immediately. Her and I got to chat a bit about her and Chris’ relationship and when I found out that they were both bookworms, I suggested the Columbus Metropolitan Library for their big day! Since the both of them reside in Omaha, NE, they had no idea what they were getting themselves into, but they confided in Windi and I and trusted that we chose the perfect place for their ceremony on April Fool’s Day!

Kate and Chris already had a wedding date picked (May 27, 2017) but wanted to do the ceremony before then because someone near and dear to them is ill and they wanted him to witness the love that they shared for one another. Kate scurried to get a dress before the elopement at the library and family was more than eager to attend and witness the sharing of vows between these two lovebirds.

Windi (my preferred officiant to work with) and I arrived to the Columbus Metropolitan Library at 4pm sharp to meet and greet Kate and Chris’ sweet and highly entertaining family. From the very beginning of meeting these two and their families, there was just something so right about it all. It felt good on my side and Windi expressed the same feelings as their officiant (who killed it by the way! She included such sweet little details in their ceremony, it had all of us in tears. My favorite is when she mentioned that Kate and Chris’ relationship all started over a piece of pie!) You could tell how much they loved one another and how close both families had become since the union of Kate and Chris. It was truly inspiring to see what an amazing marriage brings to the table. A new family, a new life, a new beginning and most importantly, the bonding of two completely unique families, now as one!

Kate and Chris shared their own vows during the ceremony.  (Side note; these two lovers are marathon runners!!! When Chris said to Kate in his vows “I promise to take care of you after a long run…I promise to rub your aches and pains” it about had me in tears. Now THAT’S love!) The way that they looked at one another, the way they read their vows, they way they held one another and danced…everything about them was love based and I couldn’t have been happier to capture all of these special moments.

Kate wrote the NICEST review about Windi and I. She took the time out of her busy life to brag about our services and to tell the world how much she enjoyed having us be a part of such a special day for her and her family. Windi and I both cried with a ton of gratitude. Every bride should take notes from Kate and her husband, Chris, because they were the KINDEST and sweetest couple that Windi and I have worked with up to date.

Of course you don't HAVE to read this review, but it was so sweet I couldn't NOT include it! (Sorry for the double negative. I'm fired)

Kate said... 
"My now husband (then fiancé, of course) and I planned a large wedding. Then we found out that a loved one was battling a severe illness, and decided to have a small ceremony in advance of our large affair, as soon as we could. The officiant we found (Windi) and Whitney work as a team. I've already reviewed Run to an Elopement (spoiler alert, Windi is amazing), so I'll focus this review on Whitney (more spoilers, she's also amazing!). Whitney was scheduled to work on the day that we planned to do our ceremony, but she was willing to find someone to cover her so that she could photograph our "emergency wedding." The fact that she was so accommodating and flexible with us on such short notice was beyond our expectations. She came up with the idea to hold our ceremony at the Columbus public library--an impressive building with gorgeous features. We love literature, and could think of no place more perfect. She'd shot there before, and sent us some sample photographs. We were instantly in love. Though I have to say, I'm even more in love with OUR photographs. :) It's been three days, and we have them already! They are so stunning. Whitney captured the ceremony expertly. I love every shot she took, and she didn't miss a thing. For example, she didn't know I'd hug my brother after he gave a reading, but she snapped a lovely photograph of us. She didn't know my mom would help me into my veil, but she captured that moment too. She seemed to have as much fun as we did taking silly family portraits, with surprise "photo bombs" by my siblings. When my husband and I took some individual portraits, had lots of ideas about how to pose us, but also invited ideas from us. She is patient, easygoing, friendly and accommodating, which I appreciated especially under our unique circumstances. And again, I couldn't be happier with the way the photos came out! Thank you so much, Whitney!"

To Kate and Chris, thank you for allowing Whitney Brewer Photography (I should say “W squared”…Whitney and Windi) to be such a huge and special part of your elopement at the Columbus Metropolitan Library. I LOVE love! Enjoy their images because they’re just to die for (or maybe I'm just biased?)