Agnes & Mary Rose | Zoo Wedding

At the beginning of May, I received an email from Mary Rose explaining that my great friend, Windi, once again, referred me to photograph her elopement at the Columbus Zoo in the Polaris area! Of course, I was intrigued to hear why they picked the zoo and to actually photograph her and her partner’s day! After a few quick emails back and forth, Mary Rose and Agnes booked me to capture their beautiful May 8th wedding!

Upon arriving at the zoo, I quickly learned that the two of these beauties loved animals and BOTH just graduated from Veterinary School. Agnes wants to go into necropsy (basically the same thing as a human autopsy! So cool!) and Mary Rose wants to specialize in Optometry in animals, which I find incredibly amazing! The two of them already seemed perfect for one another.

Once we arrived in “Africa” at the zoo, we found the giraffes and set up shop in a secluded area where Windi, Agnes and Mary Rose could be heard. The brides graciously invited about 10 of their friends to witness the two of them exchange vows. It was personal, quaint and beautiful! While the two of them gazed into one another’s eyes and read their lifelong commitment vows to one another, they both teared up and began crying happy tears (also, a side note, everyone else started crying too!) It was truly amazing to see such beautiful people in love!

After the ceremony, we roamed about the Zoo and got to see baby polar bears, lions and even fed the giraffes! It was a casual stroll through the zoo to snag a few newlywed images. We even kicked people out of the Polar Bear exhibit so that the two of them could get a photo with the 6-month-old baby bear!

Cheers to Mary Rose and Agnes on their new adventure! So excited to keep in touch with them to see their relationship blossom!