Peter Poll | Landscaping

A few weeks back, I was working at my favorite little wine shop in German Village and this man comes in looking for my boss. Unfortunately, she wasn’t there, but we started chatting about art, photography and flowers. Pete is a recently retired landscaper (from Canton, OH by the way! We’re from the same place!) who still has a passion for the art and he asked me for some advice regarding good cameras to photograph his love for landscaping. I suggested a few great starter cameras and within a week, Pete called me and said “You know Whitney, I think I’d rather just hire you to photograph my work rather than photograph it myself. You’re the one with the trained eye!” Within the week, I was at Pete and Sue’s (his spunky and bubbly wife!) BEAUTIFUL historic home in Grove City. The first meeting that Pete and I had was just an introduction to his yard, landscaping and recent projects he’s been working on. I photographed what I could, as plants were not flowering quite yet.

This past Saturday, I got a call from Pete for round two of photos. He strives to change the landscaping each season, as the weather changes and flowers adapt to their environment. Of course, I was en route to the DC Airport in Virginia to fly home, but was eager to get to work when I got back. I scheduled a shoot with Pete for the next day because he said his flowers were already falling off and he didn’t know how much longer they were going to last. 

When I arrived at Pete and Sue’s, the view was just STUNNING! White, red, pink, purple, orange, green (lots of green! The evergreens are so beautiful!) splattered across the yard in a flow like I’ve never seen before!

I can’t express to you all how much I love my job. Every single day is different, each client is different, each experience is personalized and special to me. I don’t have a “specialty” in photography, because I believe that being well rounded in the field gives an opportunity for me to grow and learn new things. I’m constantly striving to better myself and my artwork!

Go ahead and indulge yourself in some SPRING!!!! (A special shout out and thank you to Pete for challenging me in different ways! I appreciate you!)