Pierce Andrew Pushcar | One

Happy Saturday, everyone!

I hope your week and Cinco celebrations were fantastic! Now we've got the whole weekend in front of us and I'm ecstatic to share with you Mr. Pierce's FIRST birthday images! 

Pierce's Mom (Laura) and Dad (Mark) are friends of mine who reside in Pittsburgh, PA and we have been close for a few years now! When Laura found out she was pregnant, she had me come out and photograph that cute little baby belly. That woman made pregnancy look GOOD! She was glowing, literally! Laura would play the piano for Pierce (we didn't know his name until he was born, which I love because I LOVE surprises!) regularly and would listen to lots of music with him in the womb. 

Time got in our way after Pierce was born (...typical) and I was unfortunately unable to see him until he turned 1! Laura invited me out to Pittsburgh to photograph Pierce for his big First Birthday and oh man, did we have fun! When I arrived, Pierce had just woken up from a nap and wasn't really the happiest of campers. We tried for a while to get him to smile, but the best part about these sessions is that they're truthful. Not every moment with children (or anyone, for that matter) is going to be sunshine and rainbows and most people know that! When photographers try to capture the most perfect and posed moments, it's almost like their lying to their audience. I'm a HUGE fan of the truthful images. The ones that say "yep. Life isn't perfect. Moments aren't perfect...and you know what? That's okay because it's life and the only thing constant in life is change!"

Pierce is growing into the smartest and cutest kid you could imagine. He reads a ton, listens to lots of music and has a ton of interactions with his Momma and Daddy! Lucky guy! I couldn't wait to share these images, so ENJOY!!!!!!