Kate and Chris | Elopement

Happy Hump Day, everyone!

Today's blog features a couple that I just truly adore! Kate and Chris reached out to Windi at Run to an Elopement back in March and Windi, bless her little heart, referred the two of them to Whitney Brewer Photography for their elopement photography needs! Windi and I booked Kate and Chris, both of them coming from Nebraska to get hitched at the Columbus Metropolitan Library on April 1, 2017. Both of their families live in Columbus and they wanted to make sure that both of their families got to celebrate their love with them in a quaint fashion.

The ceremony was on the second floor of the Library and was quite fitting for the two of them, as they are both book worms! Being a photographer, I get to work with a lot of different brides and grooms, personalities, families and experiences...but this one. THIS ONE was filled with more love, happiness, tears and joy then I have ever experienced before. They say that every couple is different, every family is different, every moment is different...but I literally can't tell you all enough how much love and joy was in the air. Both families ADORED one another. Kate and Chris were filled with an abundance of love, happiness and pure bliss. It was entirely obvious that these two were meant to be together for a lifetime. The best part, Chris was actually Kate's RA in college!

The way that Chris looked into Kate's eyes while he was promising to rub her feet after they've run marathons gave me goosebumps. (Yes, they run marathons together. So perfect!) The same goes for Kate, promising to take care of her man and stand behind him for the rest of their lives...nothing compares to the words and glances they shared between one another. It was literally like they were in the only people in the room!

After the adorable and perfect ceremony, I got to get to know Kate and Chris a little bit more. We walked around the library and I photographed their love. They were naturals! I really didn't even have to direct them...all of the love they had for another was all I needed as a photographer to capture perfect moments.

The reason I'm writing about their wedding so late is because they had TWO weddings! This part makes me cry every single time, but it's too precious not to share. Kate and Chris flew home early on April 1, 2017 to have their ceremony at the library because one of their close family members is ill. They wanted him to be a part of their love and marriage, so they made a special trip home to elope! Just a quick month later, Chris and Kate tied the knot again in Ohio with a bigger crowd of family and friends. When I asked Kate what her preference was (Elopement or an actual Wedding), she responded gracefully with "BOTH!" Kate and Chris got the quaint and personable ceremony at the library and then got to celebrate with a larger crowd for their actual wedding in May. Kate mentioned that she liked having both and wouldn't have done it any other way...I can totally see why!

Aren't they just the most ADORABLE?!?! I just loved working with them and hope to again in the future.  Cheers, Chris and Kate! Your story will forever be one of my favorites and always in my heart. I am so humbled to have met you! (And Thank You to Windi at Run to an Elopement for referring me to meet and work with these amazing humans! I love you to death!)