Camden | Christina | Family Session

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

A few months ago, Christina emailed me and asked me to photograph her little guy, Cam. We decided on Homestead Park in Hilliard, OH! We set the date and time, and well, me being completely human and making a human mistake, I slept through my alarms and missed our shoot. Christina was extremely understanding and graceful about the situation, so we rescheduled for 2 weeks later. (Thanks girl, you rock!)...mind you, this is my first time EVER sleeping through my alarm and missing a shoot. I don't ever intend on doing that again! However, moral of the story is; people make unintentional mistakes and it's okay!

At first, Cam was terribly shy. He had just woken up from a nap and was a bit snoozy and camera shy...can't blame him. I'd be the same way. I interacted with him, asked him questions and was playful. Eventually, the little cutie broke down and his personality was shining like a pro! Towards the end of our time together, Cam was modeling like he knew what he was doing! We were on the playground and he posed for a good 30 seconds, enough time for me to get my camera settings just right, and he stayed there patiently until I snapped a few portraits of him. A natural, I'd say!

Cam & Christina brought their sweet dog, Jingles, too! Christina asked me to capture the three of them together and I couldn't be happier to do so. I love images with humans and their companions with them. They're genuine, real and organic!! (or maybe I just love animals a whole lot!) Anyways, I think their images captured their personalities just perfectly. Thanks for letting me capture your adorable little family, Christina...and thank you for being patient with me when I missed our first shoot! You're the real MVP!