Summer's Just Flyin' By!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I apologize for neglecting my work (yet again). This summer is flying by and I’m still having a ton of fun (that’s what life is all about, right?!). This past week has been 100% exhausting; and here’s why:

Thursday, I photographed some fantastic people in a program with icstars ( I have known, Josh, a sweet man who is a huge part of this non-profit organization for many years, as I served him his coffee every single morning at Starbucks daily when I worked for them back in the day! Josh and I have bonded over the years and I was ecstatic to capture his students for their headshots for LinkdIn! I feel so proud that I could be a part of their success journey!

Friday, I photographed my sweet friends Ryan and Rebekah’s wedding at Harrison Park. I have known Rebekah since college through a mutual friend that I went to high school with and we’ve been cool ever since! When Rebekah reached out and asked me about wedding details, I was super honored that she thought of me from all those years ago. I loved working with the two of them for both their engagement session and their wedding. They are two SUPER photogenic people and I’m lucky to have worked with them. They’re such a beautiful couple and just perfect for one another. I couldn’t be happier for them! Congrats, Rebekah and Ryan!

Friday night after the wedding, my friend of 13 years, Brian, came into town. We met up, caught up and laughed! It was great to catch up before he left for Colorado for an awesome bike ride. I almost cancelled all my plans just to go with him!

Saturday, I worked at my little wine shop and then headed to Hocking Hills for some camping! I had plans to do this for months and couldn’t wait to go, as my friend Josh talked it up for months. IT WAS NOTHING SHORT OF GORGEOUS! I sat in my hammock for most of the evening and relaxed. Much needed.

Sunday, I drove to Cincinnati, OH to hang out with two of my very oldest and bestest friends. I met Kevin back in college state in art school and we hit it off the day we met. Kevin has been photographing me for years on and off and I really enjoy spending time with him. Kevin is from Loudonville, OH and drove all the way to Cinci to meet Katie! I’ve known Katie for about the same amount of time and well, when we met, it was basically love at first sight. Her sarcasm and attitude are amazing, she’s basically my spirit animal. She’s a fellow hip-hop lover and goes to the beat of her own drum. I always love going to spend time with her…and what better than to bring two of my favorite people together?! Amazing.

Monday, I drove back to Columbus to work again at HausFrau Haven from 10-3 and then packed a bag to ride my motorcycle to Canton, OH (my hometown) on Monday morning with Travis. I met Travis a few months back at the Harley dealership at the A.D. Farrow Location in Sunbury, OH. When my bike broke down the first time, I met Travis at Harley and we’ve been talking pretty much ever since. We rode to Canton on Tuesday morning and met up with my Dad and cousins to give my Dad his Father’s Day gift of riding as a family. We also got to hang out with Mollie and Jake, friends of mine for a long time! We had a blast, but had to get back to Columbus Tuesday night, so we eventually put 300 miles on the bike.

Today, I came home and napped. I also retouched all of Ryan and Rebekah’s images, making me feel complete and accomplished for the work week!

So here’s what I’ve been up to the past few days. I plan to update you individually on each trip with images because I carried my camera with me all week and I’ve got some great shots from each day! For now, though, here are some images of the students I got to work with at ICStars! I plan on attending their tea time in the next few weeks. That means I get to learn about them and their journey, and I get to explain mine. I’m really excited to share stories!

Cheers, Happy Wednesday!