Canton, OH | 8.15.17

Happy Hump day, y’all!

Just a quick little blog for today, nothing too in depth or excruciatingly wordy! I feel like I’ve been writing novels lately…so this is going to be a little more chill!

Tuesday the 15th, I got to ride my motorcycle to Canton, OH to finally gift a “ride day” for my Dad for Father’s Day! For those of you who don’t know, my bike has been in and out of commission lately; back and forth to Canton, OH for my cousins to work on the bike and now that it’s back in my possession and I’m riding frequently, it’s showing of signs of oil leakage and my turn signals and other various items have been falling off the bike due to high speeds and not enough lock tight. Embrace the chaos, right?!  It was still safe enough to ride up there and I got a riding buddy to tag along with me, Travis!

We landed in Wooster, OH and met my Dad for lunch at Omahoma Bob’s BBQ (so good if you’re in town! Highly recommended!). We then rode back into Canton and met with my cousins for a ride around a lake in which, I almost wiped out on my cousin Nick’s bike due to some gravel. Once again, embrace the chaos. Finally, after a long day of riding, I got a phone call from my baby brother (who just bought his first bike ironically off of Travis the week prior) saying that he was on his way home and wanted to ride.

Well, a dream came true. I rode with both my brother and my dad ALL AT ONCE. WHAT?! I’m like the happiest person ever!

Peep the pics ;)