Tatum | Makeup by Tatum

I've recently decided I'm going to write about amazing vendors that I've worked with for the past few years who have influenced me as an artist, woman and entrepreneur! First up; Tatum Faccenda, lady boss extraordinaire!

I met Tatum through a mutual friend back in 2016! From the moment I met her, I looked up to her and admired her drive when it came to her business and personal life!  I have recently asked Tatum to answer a few questions, here are her answers! 

Q: What got you into makeup? How long have you been doing it professionally?

A: I got my first taste of makeup artistry about 8 years when I was asked to be a model for a photoshoot. There was a professional makeup artist hired for the shoot and I had no idea what to expect! I was not allowed to see my look until it was complete and I'll still never forget that moment when I looked in the mirror for the first time. I was blown away at my transformation! I still looked like me, but the absolute best version. My makeup was flawless and my features were perfectly accentuated. I knew at that point that I need to look like that everyday! I started practicing on myself, then friends and eventually I started studying makeup artistry books. As my skills grew, the idea of making a career out of my new found obsession did as well. About 6 years ago I got the opportunity to work at MAC Cosmetics and I spent 3 years there advancing my skills and building my makeup kit. I left to start Makeup By Tatum where I've been happily growing my makeup career.

Q: What do you find most fulfilling about your job?

A:. The ability to explore creativity and giving women the feeling I describe above are both equally fulfilling in my career.

Q: Do you have a favorite “style” or do you like to mix it up?

A: I would say I have a signature style that I describe as "naturally made-up." I do enjoy mixing up the looks I create, but I still strive to make sure women still look like themselves.

Q:What do you do for fun when you’re not working?

A: When I'm not working, I enjoy quality time with friends and family, I love weight training and I am in the gym three-five times a week. I also enjoy the occasional happy hour!

Q: How many clients do you usually have per year? Are they mostly brides? Styled shoots? Seniors?

A: I don't have an exact number on how many clients I work with in a year but I would say that I do more weddings than anything. Seniors are growing quickly behind weddings.

Q: Who are your most favorite clients to work with?

A: Although I always take a client's preferences into consideration when creating a look, my favorite clients are the ones who give me creative control. Those clients are typically easy going and enthusiastic about the look I create.

Q: I’ve noticed you enjoy being photographed! Where did your amazing self-confidence come from? What advice would you give to someone with low self-esteem?

A: I do enjoy my personal photoshoots for a change of pace creatively. It's enjoyable to see my art come alive on others and on myself. In addition, I'll take high quality photos from a professional eye any-day over a selfie! I would say my self-confidence has had its ups and downs. I'm working on not being so hard on myself and seeing that there is beauty in every shape and size. No one is perfect and although it is difficult we all need to love ourselves, flaws and all! 

Q:  Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A: I truly don't know where I see myself in 10 years. Life is full of curve balls and I try my best to embrace the chaos. I do see myself much further with my business and I would like to be making a good living and have built a better life for myself through my business. 

Q: Could you give a bride-to-be some advice when it comes to finding the perfect makeup artist?

A: My best advice for a bride looking for makeup artist is to first decide what is most important to you. Whether it be makeup style, product preference, or cost its important that you feel comfortable with your decision. If cost is a big factor then you may sacrifice skill, product quality, and/or professionalism. If style or product preference is at the top of your list, then be prepared to pay up! 


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