Frank Fetch Park | Tree Lighting

Despite the past few weeks being crazy/unexpected/saddening and crushing, I am trying to focus on my business, family and being in the "giving" holiday spirit. The day before my 29th birthday, I was invited by family/friends in Columbus to come to a light up event at the tiniest park in Columbus called Frank Fetch Park. The community made me feel extremely at home and actually in the "holiday spirit"! I haven't felt that way for a long while, actually, so it was a nice change of pace. I took my camera, but indefinitely forgot my tripod, which made my job a lot harder considering it was pitch black out...but i still managed to get some really great images! I couldn't wait to share, so here they are!

Leave a comment with your name/email/phone number and I'll make sure you get copies!!!!

All my love on this snowy Wednesday!