Patty & Bill | May 20, 2018

As I mentioned in my last blog, I was honored enough to tag along with my friend Shane to witness his Dad marry someone super special in Kauai, Hawii. (PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT! We were on another island and did not get to see/experience anything having to do with the volcanoes erupting!) I had never met Shane’s family, but he reassured me frequently to be myself and everyone would get along swimmingly.

Shane and I decided to show up a day earlier than everyone else to feel out the island, our condo and how far our bodies could walk in a day! We explored the south rim of the island on the first day, and then it was party time with Shane’s family!

When I posted the last blog, I purposefully left out Patty and Bill’s wedding images, as I wanted to honor them separately by giving them their own blog to look back on and enjoy. Interestingly enough, I got a phone call from Shane yesterday, stating that someone very near and dear to all of us, even to me…a completely good stranger, passed away yesterday. Details were not necessary, just hearing the news of her passing crushed my heart for not only her daughter, but for her grandkids with whom she’s been residing. Her granddaughter, Abby, told me in Hawaii that Grandma requested the presence of every single person in that house for a full-course dinner she had prepared for everyone. Despite her fear of flying/turbulence, this woman was 95 years old and made the trek from California to Hawaii for her daughter’s beautiful beach wedding. I don’t think she would’ve missed it for the world.

So today, I write this blog in memory of Grandma. I remember escorting her down the stairs on the wedding day as the photographer, helping to make sure that she got in and out of the car safely. She was patient, loving, kind and someone I will cherish and look up to for the rest of my life.

To Grandma!