Styled Shoot | May 27, 2017

Well, I feel like it's been years since I've sat down and written a blog. Actually, it has been too long...but I felt like writing and telling you all what I've been up to!

In May, I moved in with a friend of mine! (Don't worry, everything is fine!) I lived with her and diligently looked for a "forever" home. She was gracious to open her home to me and my pup...and on top of it, she made me a better person. She's taught me a lot. One of my favorite things I learned from her is this; do nice things for people every once in a while. It'll make everyone feel better. Love her hospitality, her being and her spirit!

On the 16th of June I signed a lease with another great friend of mine (how lucky can a lady get with two great roommates in a row?! Holy crap!) It was bittersweet because I loved living with my last roommate. She let me crash in her spare bedroom, share her kitchen and allow Finny hair to be everywhere without complaint! She and I became very close in a short period of time! I was excited to start my new "journey" at a new home!...and now here I am writing this blog!

On May 27, 2017, after a long time of detailed planning and extensive work, 614Weddings, Myself and Windi from Run to an Elopement put our heads together and reached out to other wedding professionals to orchestrate our first styled shoot ever! We started early in the morning with Makeup professional Hanna & her team with Le Rêve Makeup & Hair. She had the ladies whipped up beautifully in no time at all, all while delivering a smile on her face!

Metro Cuisine in Columbus, OH provided DELICIOUS and healthy lunches for everyone involved in the styled shoot!! Not only did they donate hearty sandwiches to our hard workers, they also supplied the dinnerware, silverware and glassware for our classy ceremonies at the All Life Center in Delaware, OH! Everyone was bragging about how tasty their meals were (me included!)! Thank you to Andrea Kellett for organizing this and making it happen on their behalf! 

614Weddings, Kristin and her husband Tim, organized a ton of vendors (more than I contributed and I sincerely thank them for that!) to be a part of this styled shoot. The cakes from Hannah Marie's and Fate Cakes were seriously gorgeous and fit our themes perfectly! The florist, Up-Towne Florists, nailed it right on the head with a ton of bouquets and boutonnieres that were just timeless! The bridal gear from Romanoffs Tuxedo & Pursuit was perfect and they provided perfect pieces for our shoot. JCharDesigns, Jess, and SugarQuillCalligraphy, Kathryn, designed and hand made all of the invitations, menus, agendas, name cards and envelopes! I can't express how beautiful each of their work is and was for this session. Completely mind blowing! Jewelry was hand crafted by Red Giraffe Designs and were 100% classic, geometric and exactly what we were looking for! I can't express my appreciation enough to all who participated either behind the scenes or right there with us! 

Windi Noble with Run to an Elopement was the amazing officiant who organized our time with the space we had at The All Life Center in Delaware. Windi and I have been working closely together in the wedding industry and joke all the time that we're taking over the wedding world. Of course, we're joking...or are we?! Windi is fantastic to work with. She's organized, always prompt and encourages giggles and laughs on your big day! I just adore her!

Jonah and Gina are an amazing couple. I've known them since their Spring Elopement in 2016! If you want to read more on these two, head over to the blog from last week! They're super sweet and an excellent example of perseverance and lots of love!

Brandon and Tanisha were brand new clients for me and they were A BLAST! Brandon comes from the country and loved that we got to shoot in some nature. Both Tanisha and her soon-to-be hubby have children and a huge sense of humor. They were super fun to work with, to keep in touch with and develop a relationship with! I hope that I get to work with them again because they were so genuine and light-hearted! We had a lot of fun! (Can you tell?!)