Surprise 80th Birthday | YWCA

Happy Weekend, everyone! I am so excited to share this surprise birthday party that my great friend Grace and her family threw for their Grandma for her 80th birthday! One of Grandma’s son’s flew in from Arizona and she hasn’t seen him in years, so she was extremely surprised and shocked when she casually strolled into the YWCA thinking that she was just going to have dinner with a few close family members…and then out of nowhere, ALL of her family was there screaming “SURPRISE!” Uhg. I love surprises!

I am so glad I could be there to capture her reaction as she walked in, along with her interacting with her grand children and children.  It makes my heart really full when I’m able to capture genuine emotions and reactions! A huge shout out to the Stupeck’s for allowing me/trusting me to photograph Grandma’s surprise party and snagging some fun family photos. I wish more people in life would splurge a little in the photography world for family photos, because one day, we won’t all be here! Enjoy these and the rest of your weekend!