Client Questionnaire

Happy Saturday, friends! It's been a really busy week here at Whitney Brewer Studios.  We've been working diligently on blogging and marketing about what YOU guys care about...and we've gotten to a point where we said "Okay. We've done the research...but how does this apply to MY audience?! How can we change what we're doing to be more successful at spreading the word about Whitney Brewer Photography, while still giving an excellent experience to go along with the great images?!" I'm truly stuck and need your help! You're my audience. You're the ones who are the consumer. If you'd be so kind to answer these few questions, I'd like to offer you a special offer! If you answer these few questions honestly and kind-heartedly, I will provide you with a 15% discount off of your next session with us and the offer never expires. Once you provide answers below to this question, I will personally get a hold of you and mail you your coupon. Thank you in advance!

1) When you hire a photographer for lifestyle, wedding or family photos, what kind of incentive would you look for when referring others to that photographer? (What type of gift would be most appreciated for you as the client from your photographer as a "thank you"?)

2) What type of gift would be most appreciated for you as the client from your photographer as a "thank you"?

3) What do you look for first on a photographer's website?

4) Would you prefer: a free print, a discounted session, a gift card or other (feel free to add suggestions!)

5) How did you find your wedding photographer? Lifestyle photographer?


Thank you so much for your participation! It's greatly appreciated!!



PS-For your viewing pleasure, I have included a photo of my Dad and my dog. Two of some of my favorite men! :) Happy Weekend!