Danielle + Parker Elopement

Good afternoon my beautiful friends!!!

Out of nowhere this past Sunday, I sent a text to my friend Windi (who is an super fun/professional officiant! Check her website/facebook out! (((http://windicnoble.weebly.com/)))  (((https://www.facebook.com/runawayweddingsohio/?fref=ts))))

Any who, I was thinking about her and just simply wanted to let her know! Turns out, she had booked a wedding with Parker and Danielle at Jorgensen Farms the next day!!! I haven't seen her in a while (or the farm!) and asked if I could tag along and snag some photos of her and her clients...basically some action shots on her end! 

I am so glad I went! The farm was absolutely stunning. Windi and I got to spend some time together. We marketed ourselves. We brainstormed. We worked and we had fun! Here are some shots from Monday evenings' 6pm wedding. Enjoy!