Retouching | Before + After

Happy 2017, everyone! Cheers to a fresh new start in the new year. I know some of us have goals and resolutions that we hope to stick to this year...I am sending out my good vibes and positivity that we can all attain them, especially if they're simple. (For example, one of my goals for 2017 is to focus more on flossing my teeth. I'm in a terrible habit of not doing it and my dentist is sure to point it out every 6 months! Tired of it, so I'm going to take 30 whole seconds out of my day each day to do it! I even wrote myself a note on my bathroom mirror with a dry-erase marker! I've found that notes help a lot too.)

Today, I'd like to touch base on what retouching looks like in the eyes of a photographer and what the client might miss being "behind the scenes." Each photographer has their own post-processing style, some being bright and bold, others being more "contrasty" and some being a bit more "soft" or "flow-y". Regardless of the style, each photographer all must dive into your hundreds (or even thousands) of images to choose the perfect ones and then retouch them to fit our liking as a photographer. We spend countless amounts of hours staring at a computer screen, sometimes taking longer breaks than we want to because we're constantly looking at a digital screen! There are also times that we must step away from retouching a session because all of the images sort-of run together. Stepping away and coming back refreshed is one of my favorite techniques because my job never gets boring! It's like coming back to a whole new session each time! (I recently had an eye appointment with a new optometrist and he shared with me that my eyes have drastically changed because I switched professions. I told him I quit working for the Starbucks Corporation in June and that I'm a full-time photographer now. He 100% blamed my computer for my change in eyesight! Crazy! Moral of the story, be sure to keep up with your Optometrist! An updated prescription can make a ton of difference and your eye health is SO important! Take care of them eyeballs!!!)

Okay, so back to the actual action of retouching. What is retouching, you ask?! Well, to put it simply, it's (for me) finding all ranges of the images' tones and then applying those tones to be 100% true. 100% blacks, whites and middle grays. I prefer Adobe Lightroom over Photoshop. I was taught how to use Lightroom in college and I feel that it is a program that respects the actual idea of the "truth" in photography. In contrast, Photoshop allows the user to completely turn an image into a lie, and to me, that's not photography. Photography is TRUTH. Photography captures "facts". Actions in Photoshop, I think, allow the photographer to completely change an image into what it is not.

As a Professional Photographer, I get asked frequently after MANY sessions if I could slim faces, hips, waists and other body parts while in my post-processing mode. My answer is always going to be NO. I studied photography as an art in college. I learned the truth of this medium and that's why I love it. I refuse to change my style due to clients not wanting to accept the "truth" about their images. If you want your body parts fixed/retouched in post-processing, I hate to say this, but it's the truth and I back it up...I am NOT the photographer for you! If you want raw, real and truthful images...moments captured that other photographers aren't focused on, I'm your girl! The truth is such a beautiful thing!!!! 


Seaford, Delaware

I know I'm a day late on the blog, but let me tell you somethin' about Seaford, Delaware.  Jason's best friend, Jerry, and his wife, Kelly live in Seaford. I've never been there before, so when Jason asked me to tag along to see his friends this time (and to go see the Steelers kick the Redskins asses!), I agreed to tag along!  I always love new adventures! We departed after my shift at my other part-time job on Sunday and landed ourselves in Baltimore, MD for the evening. We woke up Monday morning, finished our drive to Seaford...only to get back in the car a few hours later to go to the football game at FedEx Field.  We watched the game (yes, the Steelers KILLED IT!), ate some food, sat in the wrong seats the whole time, got lost, waited in line too long...We were supposed to be 4 rows off the field...and the people helping us find our seats didn't catch that we were completely in the WRONG section! Oh well, we still had a blast, plus my rule of thumb is to "embrace the chaos," so I did! We drove back to Seaford after the game, slept like babies, got up on Tuesday and Jason declared it "Whitney Day"! I could literally do whatever my little heart wanted to. "OFF TO THE BEACH", I said! Before I knew it, my toes were buried in the warm sand and I felt like I was in heaven. We got to watch the waves roll in and out as we ate a killer lunch on the boardwalk and then the same view once we moved to a hole in the wall bar right below the previous restaurant. After our 1 hour commute back to Seaford and taking a nap (NOW THAT'S A VACATION!!!!) we all got to indulge in all-you-can-eat seafood! This is my favorite thing to do on the East Coast. The seafood is plentiful, affordable and DELICIOUS!

We woke up Wednesday morning and headed to the Iron Rooster in Annapolis, MD. It was a highly rated breakfast spot on our way home and HOLY CRAP. We'll just say that place exceeds expectations! Jason and I ordered a home made mixed berry pop-tart and a couple of SUPER tasty Bloody Mary's. Jason had a "make your own omelette" and I had a BELT, but instead of bacon, it was PORK BELLY! OH MY GOSH, what an amazing sandwich! I'd go back in a heartbeat! After breakfast, Jason took a snooze and I took over the wheel. We made it back, safe and sound, around 6:30pm. I intended to work while I was on vacation, but simply just didn't. I feel awful, but at the same time, I needed it! Below are some images I snagged while we were away...