Body Positivity | I'm BACK!

i introduced my partner to a boudoir session last week...he got full control over poses, camera settings, the whole thing!

i must preface what i'm about to say with this: my partner and i had so much fun doing this shoot and i learned a lot about the both of us through the process. what is about to come out of my mouth has nothing to do with him…

...but everything to do with ME.

body image is SO FUCKED UP. i'm 5'3", 135lbs...a completely NORMAL BMI...yet this image makes me cringe.


because i'm comparing myself to others. comparing myself to what society wants me to be. comparing myself to the women around me. comparing myself to the men who have opinions about me. comparing myself to the BELIEF system I grew up with and conditioned to.

know what's ironic!?

if i saw this image of YOU, I'd be your BIGGEST fucking cheerleader. GO YOU! THIS IS EMPOWERING AF! GET 'EM! YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL! YOU'RE CHANGING THE WORLD!

SO. greetings, social media! I'm Whitney Brewer and 
authenticity and connection is my super power. i get to talk to me how i'd talk to you..

drop a positively charged comment below & tag someone who you think needs to hear this message! the world needs more of this.

we get to be mirrors of what we see in OTHERS!


Christmas in July 2018 | Natalie Asfoura

Happy Friday, everyone!

Today, I'm going to be on the topic of PHOTOGRAPHY FOR FUN! Yes, believe it or not, I still get to be creative as an artist after college. It's not always about the money...and sometimes, doing business like this allows for more creative space and relaxation as an artist!

Last year, a good friend of mine from middle school, Natalie, hit me up and asked if I'd be interested in helping her create a "Christmas in July" card. My answer was pretty obvious and we set a date for it to happen in Columbus! Natalie came down and we shot on site near my house! She loved our shoot enough to reschedule 2018's session, only this time, a little more thought out and hilarious. 

Natalie then sent me a meme (attached below) which made me crack up laughing! We were on a mission to get models, the appropriate clothing/visual and vehicle too! I reached out to a few of my friends and had a ton of awesome feedback about the shoot. Natalie and I were looking for 2-3 models and instead, had 4! amazing models! Natalie finally sent out her cards, so the coast is clear to share away!

A huge shout out to my models; Amber, Windi, Tiff & Jenna. Another huge shoutout to my favorite MakeUp artist, Tatum! An additional thank you to Jacob Ryan Blume for shooting with us, too!!! One more shout out to Jake Danieri for letting us borrow his '95 SUPER CLEAN Jeep!!!! And of course, to Natalie...I can't thank you all enough for making something like this come to life before my very eyes. Can't wait for next year's card/idea!!!